Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for AndroidTo surf the Web you need a good browser. Which one is the best? It’s safe to assume that the most popular, i.e. Chrome, is. Regular users and IT experts alike highlight many a benefit of Google Chrome in their reviews. Chrome is often preinstalled on Android phones. It feels at home on this platform: fast work, low resource usage, very few glitches.

Browser features

  • high security and protection of your confidential data due to multitasking architecture;
  • fast work, even with the simultaneous opening of several tabs;
  • built-in Incognito mode to browse sites and leave no trace;
  • voice input available;
  • search by images and photos;
  • unlimited number of tabs;
  • built-in translator into 167 different languages;
  • smart search system that shows links to the sites that you have already visited;
  • merging the search bar and navigation in one field, which makes the browser interface even more concise;
  • tons of free extensions;
  • the browser has a number of tips when you first start that will help you quickly establish a comfortable work.

What is especially important for phone users is the free built-in Internet traffic-saving feature. It helps not only to count the number of MB used, but also to set limits and compress web pages.

Download Google Chrome for Android

The latest version of Google Chrome

New version of Google Chrome for Android phones has been released in 2024. You can download it in two ways: from the Google Play Store or by downloading the .apk file from our website.

System requirements: Android 7.0 Nougat or higher.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome
from Google Play

Older versions of Google Chrome

If your phone does not support the latest version, you can install a previous version of Google Chrome for Android; the most significant releases are collected in the table.

App VersionAndroid VersionRelease dateDownload
106.0.5249.1266.0+Oct 14, 2022 Download
95.0.4638.745.0+Nov 3, 2021 Download
81.0.4044.1384.4+May 6, 2020 Download
71.0.3578.994.1+Dec 19, 2018 Download
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