How to run Google Chrome in safe mode

If you’re struggling with a Chrome browser that suddenly crashes and refuses to execute your commands, you may need to run Chrome in safe mode. Running Chrome in safe mode can help protect your privacy online. However, you should understand that turning on private browsing mode erases temporary data captured by the device you’re using. But it does not block your IP address from tracking. When you log in to your account on the site, it can still collect data related to all of your online activities.

Features of Chrome’s safe mode

When Chrome’s safe mode is turned on, it’s easy to tell by the darkened background and the spy icon in the corner. Before each time the mode is turned on, the user is presented with information on the screen about what will happen next when using incognito. This warning may be annoying to some, but it informs and benefits many.

It is important to understand that safe mode does not protect or block internet providers from accessing information about which pages and sites were accessed, what content was viewed, and what actions were performed.

How to run Google Chrome in safe mode

Safe mode should be turned on when visiting sites with adult content, so that information is not saved in the browser history. Also, it is important to turn on the mode when you go to suspicious sites, even if you use antivirus programs.

In the case where different accounts are used on the service, you can also enter in incognito mode.

Enabling safe mode

Let’s look at how to run Chrome in safe mode on different devices and platforms.

On the computer:

  • launch Chrome,
  • click on the three dots in the top right corner,
  • select “New Incognito window”.

Hotkeys for Safe Mode: Ctrl-Shift-N for PC or Command-Shift-N for Mac.

On the phone:

  • launch Chrome,
  • tap the three dots in the corner,
  • select New Incognito tab.

Disabling safe mode

How to deactivate safe mode in Chrome: close all the Incognito tabs and windows. You can close them just like normal tabs – with a cross icon.

Extensions for safe mode

When you need to launch Safe Mode quickly, you can install an Incognito extension and click on its shortcut in the extensions panel every time you need it.

Popular extensions of this kind are: Identity Guard Safe Browsing, Clario Secure Browsing and Ultra Safe Search.

You can find similar extension by searching for safe browsing in the Chrome Web store.

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